The Best Vegan 101 Beginner Guide (Recommended)

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If you’re looking into veganism, new to it, or old to it, The Best Vegan 101 Beginner Guide is the right guide for more information. Transitioning to veganism can be a tricky road with many pathways. During my transition, I had so many questions and needed answers. I didn’t know where to start. I became addicted to researching, watching, and studying anything I could get my hands on about the subject.

After absorbing tons of information like an infosponge, I realized that other people are also in the same situation that I was in. They wanted better health, but they didn’t know where to start. I decided to compile a list together of all my favorite resources to help others have a smoother transition. Subscribe or bookmark these to keep getting more information.

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The Best Vegan 101 Beginner Guide (Recommended)
The Vegan 101 Beginner Guide –
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Top 3 Important First-Time Vegan Videos & Documentaries

The Best Vegan 101 Beginner Guide (Recommended)
The Vegan 101 Beginners Guide –
Top 4 Important Videos of How Going Vegan Transforms Your Body

Top 4 Important Videos of How Going Vegan Transforms Your Body

The Best Vegan 101 Beginner Guide (Recommended)
The Vegan 101 Beginners Guide –
Important Vegan Phone Apps

Important Vegan Phone Apps

  • Happycow (Helps you find restaurants with vegan/plant-based options)
  • Is it vegan (Helps you read ingredients on labels at the store to see if the item is vegan)
  • Vegaholic (Helps you find vegan alcoholic beverages)
  • Veganxpress (Helps you find vegan/plant-based options from chain restaurants)
  • Cruelty-cutter (Helps you find household cleaners and beauty products! Note: When items show up in red, it means they aren’t vegan)

The Best Vegan 101 Beginner Guide (Recommended)
The Vegan 101 Beginners Guide –
Top 4 Vegan Meal Prep Recipes & Ideas

Vegan Meal Prep Recipes & Ideas

The Best Vegan 101 Beginner Guide (Recommended)
The Vegan 101 Beginners Guide –
Favorite Vegan Youtubers

More of My Favorite Vegan Youtubers

The Best Vegan 101 Beginner Guide (Recommended)
The Vegan 101 Beginners Guide –
Favorite Vegan Starter Essentials

Some of My Favorite Vegan Starter Essentials

Do you know about Cronometer? It’s a free app that allows you to log your meals and track all your macro and micronutrients in order to cut your weight in half. Health professionals can also use CronometerPRO to help their clients track and manage their diets which is awesome if you’re working with a nutritionist or dietitian.

Important Information

It’s very important that you make sure you’re getting the proper vitamins and minerals for your body. Supplements are very good to have on hand to ensure that you are not missing anything your body needs. 🙂 Not feeling full after meals? This means you need to add more fiber to your meals. Fiber helps you feel full. Here’s a list of fruits and veggies that contain fiber.

B12: It is recommended that your daily intake of B12 is 2.4 mcg. Pregnant women should have 2.6 mcg and lactating women should have 2.8 mcg of B12. You CAN overdo B12 WHILE pregnant.

Taking too much B12 while pregnant can cause health development issues with your baby while in the womb. It is very important that you receive enough B12 while breastfeeding. If your B12 deficiency is left untreated, your baby could start becoming deficient as well and it will start causing permanent brain development issues and damage.

B12 is a water-soluble supplement, which means that when you are not pregnant, and the body takes in too much B12, you usually excrete it in urine. While pregnant, if you take too much B12 – it will pass through you, then your baby, then your urine. Read more about B12 here.

Please share The Best Vegan 101 Beginner Guide (Recommended) with a friend that needs it! The Best Vegan 101 Beginner Guide is packed full of information and compiled specifically for new vegans. 🙂

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