13+ Helpful Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips

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Just Getting Started?

Growing your business on social media can be extremely difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming if you don’t know social media marketing strategies that work. Using the guide I’ve created below, you’ll get your business on track and visible on social media as soon as possible.

Two guides that I definitely recommend you check out first and save for later:

In my social media marketing guide, I’ll be referencing resources that my other two favorite guides cover in more detail. Below are the two guides:

Establish Your Business Name & Identity

It’s very important to make sure that you’re able to get your business name on all of the social media platforms that you plan to use as your business. Keeping your business name the same on all social media platforms will help your audience easily find and recognize your business. You’ll also want to make sure that your social media profiles all have the same images and descriptions.

Some social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit allow you to create pinned posts! Definitely take advantage of this social media marketing feature to create an introduction post that clearly states important information that you’d like your audience to know. *Facebook actually allows you to have multiple pinned posts!

*Create Your Free Social Media Business Page and Register Your Business with Google

I can’t stress how important and beneficial it is to create a business (or professional) page on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest. By doing this, you allow your customers to reach your business easier and get to know your business better through different avenues. Actively using these platforms and the business tools within these platforms such as prescheduling content, setting automated replies, and automated answers will help ease your workload and act as free advertising if done correctly.

By registering your business with Google and setting up a Google Business Profile, you make it easier for your business to reach more customers! When someone searches for your business on Google, your Business Profile will show up on the right side of Google with your website, reviews, and all of the details that you add to your Business Profile for customers to view.

Decide What Type of Content Fits Your Business

Deciding what type of content fits your business is one great way to help you figure out what type of social media platform to put all of your energy into for social media marketing. Types of content you can create for your business:

  • Short-form content such as short TikToks, YouTube Shorts, short live broadcasts on social media platforms, single social media pictures, 3-picture Instagram carousels or Facebook posts, memes, and small paragraphs or captions.
  • Long-form content such as podcasting, Youtube videos consisting of 20 minutes or more, long live broadcasts on social media platforms, 10-picture Instagram carousels or Facebook posts, Guides, Articles, and long paragraphs or captions.

TikTok, Reddit, and Pinterest are one of the fastest ways to grow your business. YouTube is hit or miss depending on how well your keywords are. Keywords are a major part of ranking your videos in YouTubes algorithm. Facebook is great for joining groups, connecting, and collaborating with other small business owners and entrepreneurs locally or worldwide. Instagram is great for sharing new products, giveaways, staff, behind-the-scenes pictures, business improvements or additions, and more.

Connect With Other Like-Minded Business Owners

I highly recommend that you connect with other business owners to build up a circle of like-minded people to collaborate with. Once you find your ‘tribe’, create chat groups to stay connected with them so you’ll have other people to share your content with. Offer to scratch their back if they scratch yours. Ask them to give you feedback so they can help you improve your social media marketing. Help them out by leaving comments and engaging with their content and they’ll do the same back. Search for groups (or communities) on Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Twitter!

Share Your Content & Social Media Pages

I cannot stress this enough! It is so important to share your content and your social media pages. Ways to share your content and social media pages:

  • Break down your content to create posts, stories, images, and carousels.
  • Share your content in chats, groups, and communities.
  • Create Ads, Sponsored Posts, or Collaborations.
  • Send to friends or family to share with others.
  • Make sure you have call to actions!!

Batch Create Content, Create a Schedule & Stick To It

You’ll want to take a week or two and batch-create some content. This means creating and prescheduling content months in advance. Batch-creating content is a great social media marketing strategy that will give you more time to focus on your business, plan ahead, promote, and reply to potential customers.

Before you preschedule your content, I highly recommend figuring out what days are best to post for your business. Most businesses post long-form content on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday are reserved for short-form content posts. All of your content should provide value and have call to actions to increase engagement, contact your business for services, click sponsored links, or purchase product.

Your images should relate to your business and have clear quality. If your images are for thumbnails, they should have easy-to-read text on the images. Note: Some social media platforms allow you to add ALT text to your images! I highly recommend you take advantage of the ALT text section to explain your image or thumbnail and add additional keywords.

Your videos should be good quality, relate to your business, and always have easy-to-read captions at eye level for viewers that are hearing impaired or have their audio muted for other reasons. I also highly recommend that you do not overly cut your videos (meaning edit out too many things in the span of a 2-minute shoot). Over-cutting clips will make your video look very choppy and is annoying to most viewers.

The Meta Business Suite and Facebook Professional Dashboard are two free and amazing social media marketing resources that I highly recommend you take advantage of!

  • Meta Business Suite works for Facebook and Instagram. Meta Business Suite allows you to plan out, preschedule, and view months’ worth of posts in advance as well as view how many people your stories and posts have reached. Meta Business Suite also allows you to set up Ads for your Facebook and Instagram Business Pages and save time by creating instant reply messages, away messages, and auto-response messages to reoccurring questions in your inbox.
  • Facebook Professional Dashboard allows you to create and preschedule events in advance for your Facebook business page.
Preschedule content, social media marketing strategy
Plan out, preschedule, & view months’ worth of posts in advance!

*Learn more about Meta Business Suite and Facebook Professional Dashboard in the 20+ Must-Have FREE Business Tools and Resources to Use in 2023 Guide.

The one website that I turn to for almost anything –

Canva is one of my favorite websites when it comes to creating content. I use Canva to create all of my thumbnails, banners, custom posts, and stories. Canva also has a variety of other options such as designing logos, creating documents, flyers, cards, shirts, custom templates, and much more! You can use Canva for free with limitations or pay for Canva PROUse my affiliate linkCanva has tons of business tools and resources that you can use!

Focus on Building an Email List

Mailchimp is amazing for social media marketing and allows you to collect emails and build multiple email lists. This is an amazing tool if you would like to send special posts, discounts, and exclusive offers through email. I highly recommend using Mailchimp to keep in contact with your customers. It’s also very handy if you ever lose any of your social media accounts!

mailchimp, email list builder, social media marketing strategy

One Page With All Your Links

In all of your content, one of your call to actions can be to direct your audience to your link in bio, this is where my favorite link in bio website comes in handy! I absolutely love Linktr.ee because it allows you to share everything you create, curate, and sell online all from the one link in your bio. Linktr.ee also has many business tools and resources that you can use to get your customers to pages that you need them to see!

Be Active on Social Media

One amazing way to get your business visible on social media is to actually use social media like an everyday person. Interact and engage with your audience, make connections with other businesses, post some memes or create some funny videos, be active in groups, and connect with your audience like a typical person would.

Headlines & Keywords That Get Clicks

Your headlines and keywords are one of the main components that get clicks on your content. You definitely want to bookmark these 3 websites that are great for helping new business owners!


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