30 Great Educational Shows That Help Autistic Nonverbal Children Learn

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If you’re seeking alternative methods to assist your nonverbal child in learning how to read, write, and learn their ABCs and 123s, then these 30 educational shows may provide an enjoyable and stimulating way to help! This list was created after consulting with other parents who saw improvements in their autistic nonverbal children’s learning after watching these shows on a regular basis.

To make things easier for you, I added descriptions of each show next to the show names so you’ll know exactly what the educational shows focus on. The shows Listed below are not in any specific order. All of the educational shows below have content that relates to the following topics: ABCs, Phonics, Words, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Math, Science, Space, Nursery Rhymes, Rhythm, Dance, Emotions, Daily Routines, Self-Care, Problem Solving, Independent Play, Imaginary Play, Sharing, Making Friends, and Positive Thinking.

30 Great Educational Shows That Help Autistic Nonverbal Children Learn
The List of Educational Shows

30 Great Educational Shows for Autistic Nonverbal Children:

  1. 🔗Ms. Rachel – Songs for Littles & Toddler Learning Videos.
  2. 🔗Jack Hartmann – Kids Learning Music Channel.
  3. 🔗Blippi – Educational Videos for Kids That Focus on Exploring and Learning Environments in a Fun and Engaging Way.
  4. 🔗Jammin’ Jenn – Songs for Preschoolers, Toddlers, and Babies.
  5. 🔗Ryan’s World – Pretend Play, Science Experiments, Music Videos, Skits, Challenges, DIY Arts and Crafts.
  6. 🔗Gracie’s Corner – Educational, Fun, and Encouraging Songs for Children From Diverse Backgrounds.
  7. 🔗Genevieve’s Playhouse – Educational Shows for Kids and Toddlers Using Toy-Based Learning.
  8. 🔗Mother Goose Club – Six Colorful Characters Introduce Preschool Themes Through Classic Nursery Rhymes, Original Songs, and Colorful Videos.
  9. 🔗Super Simple Songs – Kids Learning Music Channel Focusing on Nursery Rhymes, ABCs, Numbers, and Shapes.
  10. 🔗Little Baby Bum – An Animated Musical Show Celebrating Early Childhood Experiences and Supporting Cognitive Development Through Loveable Characters, Relatable Stories, and The Magic of Song, Repetition, Rhythm, and Rhyme.
  11. 🔗Dave and Ava – Cute Nursery Rhymes That Teach Toddlers ABCs, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, and More! Little Ones Learn to Focus and Play Independently.
  12. 🔗Baby Signing Time – This Channel Teaches Babies and Toddlers How to Sign!
  13. 🔗Preschool Prep – Helping Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool with Early Learning Videos for ABCs, Numbers, Shapes, Math, and More.
  14. 🔗KLT Anatomy – Education Music Videos and Songs to Help Toddlers Learn Phonics, Colors, ABCs, Shapes, and More!
  15. 🔗Rock ‘N Learn – Entertaining and Educational Music Videos for Toddlers and Kids.
  16. 🔗Elmo’s World – Educational and Fun Music Videos Teaching Toddlers and Kids ABCs, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, and More.
  17. 🔗BabyFirst – Learn Colors, ABCs, Rhymes, and More.
  18. 🔗Daniel Tiger – An Adventurous Sweet Tiger Helping Toddlers Learn How to Share, Play, Count, and More.
  19. 🔗Cocomelon – Fun Colorful Music Videos That Teach Toddlers About ABCs, Shapes, Numbers, Colors, and More.
  20. 🔗Super Why – Teaching Kids About Exploring, Adventure, Travel, and More.
  21. 🔗Sesame Street – A Colorful Community of Monsters, Birds, Grouches, and Humans. Teaching Toddlers and Kids That Everyone Counts.
  22. 🔗Alphablocks – The Alphablocks Are 26 Living Letters Who Discover That Whenever They Hold Hands and Make a Word, Something Magical Happens. With Adventures, Songs, and Silliness, It’s Tons of Fun With Words – All Built on a Firm Foundation of Key Phonics Skills.
  23. 🔗Numberblocks – Learn How to Add, Subtract and Count in a Fun and Educational Way!
  24. 🔗Word Party – Teaching Toddlers and Kids ABCs, Numbers, Shapes, and More While Showing Them How to Play Independently, Adventure, and Make Friends.
  25. 🔗Word World – The Preschool Series Where Words Are Truly the Stars of the Show!
  26. 🔗Story Bots – Educational Videos That Teach Toddlers About Colors, Shapes, Planets, Daily Routines, ABCs, and More.
  27. 🔗Soft Roots – Sharing ABCs, Numbers, Colors, and Shapes in a Fun and Educational Way.
  28. 🔗Super Wings – An action-packed preschool series about an adorable jet plane named Jett who travels the world delivering packages to children. On every delivery, Jett encounters a new problem that Jett and their friends, the Super Wings must work together to solve! Super Wings aren’t just regular airplanes. They have the ability to transform from planes into amazing heroes who can run, climb, lift, dig, and even dive deep under the sea!
  29. 🔗Busy Beavers – Combine Catchy Melodies, Colorful Characters & Repetition to Teach the Global Kindergarten Curriculum Including ABCs, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Sharing, Caring & More.
  30. 🔗Paw Patrol – Educational Videos Starring a Group of Super Hero Pups That Teach Kids How to Adventure and Solve Problems.

Do you have any other shows that you think should be added to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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