7 Best Sensory-Friendly Adaptive Clothing Brands for Anyone with Autism

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What is Adaptive Clothing?

Adaptive clothing is specifically designed to help make dressing and functioning easier for people with disabilities. Individuals experience less sensory overload with adaptive clothing and find adaptive clothing to be more comfortable, breathable, and easy to wear. Adaptive clothing is also perfect for seniors, wheelchair users, and individuals with specific disabilities.

Examples of Adaptive Clothing

  • Clothing items that can be worn inside out or backwards, and can be worn either way.
  • Clothing with magnetic closures replaces traditional buttons and zippers.
  • Comfortable pants designed for wheelchair users, with a higher back and a lower front.
  • Step-in shoes that don’t require force from the wearer or zip-up shoes that can be fastened without the need for laces.
  • Easy-to-access medical equipment-friendly clothing.
  • Items of clothing that are sensory-friendly.
  • Outfits that consist of a single piece.

Places to Buy Adaptive Clothing

Below is a list of retailers that provide sensory-friendly and adaptive clothing suitable for individuals of all ages on the Autism Spectrum. For shipping details, please visit the footer section of each website. Most brands and stores listed below offer shipping services to both the United States and Canada. International shipping outside of these countries is available from select brands, though additional charges will apply.

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Brands and Stores Offering Sensory-Friendly and Adaptive Clothing

We are pleased to highlight a selection of esteemed brands and retailers that specialize in providing sensory-friendly and adaptive clothing. These establishments are committed to ensuring that apparel is both comfortable and accommodating for all individuals, aligning with the highest standards of inclusivity and comfort in fashion.

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🔗Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive offers adaptive clothing that’s thoughtfully crafted, allowing every individual to express their personal style without the fuss. Features include one-hand zippers, magnetic buttons, and seams that open to accommodate prosthetics.

🔗Buck and Buck is an amazing brand that offers adaptive clothing specifically made for seniors! Shirts, shorts, pants, pajamas, shoes, dresses, and more! Buck and Buck clothing is also perfect for seniors in assisted living and is designed to be comfortable and easy to remove.

🔗Independence Day Clothing is an adaptive clothing line for kids, tweens, teens, and adults. Independence Day Clothing is front and back reversible; some clothing items can even be worn inside out and still look normal, which is a plus when putting on clothes can be a considerable challenge.

🔗Special Kids Company makes adaptive clothing designed with sensory sensitivities in mind for all ages, with no tags or hidden fasteners. Special Kids Company also carries chewies and fidget devices.

🔗Rebound Wear makes stylish adaptive clothing that holds or accommodates medical equipment. You can shop by specific needs, such as incontinence, surgery recovery, and port/IV access. Rebound Wear is available for all ages.

🔗Target Adaptive offers a variety of fashionable adaptive clothing for all ages. Target Adaptive clothing includes hidden leg openings, flat seams, hidden abdominal access, and tag-free clothing.

🔗Billy Footwear doesn’t offer adaptive clothing, but it’s on this list because they offer zip-up footwear that maintains the look of lace-up footwear. This is amazing for individuals on the Autism Spectrum and extremely helpful when it comes to worrying about shoes coming untied and causing tripping hazards! It is extremely helpful when someone has difficulty tying their shoes.

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