Beautiful Website Design and SEO Starting at $250+


Your website design and SEO will be designed with marketing in mind. My goal is to make your website easy for customers to navigate and find what they’re looking for! You’ll have a responsive mobile and desktop website. Each website design and SEO package comes with a set amount of free website revisions that you can use after the website is COMPLETED. One free revision can be used each month.

Website Design and SEO Packages start at $250!
*Includes Analytics and SEO.

You’ll receive assistance sourcing stock photos for your website if you need temporary photos. I will spell-check the entire website, and set up search engine optimization (SEO), Pinterest pin, and Analytics. I will be available for support through the entire process and well after the website design and SEO has been completed. You can reach out to me any time you have questions about the website or need any help!

Package Sizes for Website Design and SEO

  • Basic 1-Page Website & 2 Free Revisions. One Revision Per Month. $250.
  • Standard 5-Page Website & 3 Free Revisions. One Revision Per Month. $500.
  • Premium 10-Page Website & 5 Free Revisions. One Revision Per Month. $1,000.
  • VIP 15-Page Website & Unlimited Revisions. One Revision Per Month. $1,500.

The Website Design and SEO Process

Our initial chat will be over text, zoom, or phone – whichever you prefer. We’ll talk about the type of pages you’d like designed for your website design and SEO. I would also like to know more about your target audience, goals, and vision. Once we’ve confirmed your package price and scheduled our date to begin, I’ll email you an invoice and welcome package. To secure your spot in my calendar you will need to complete the invoice and return a signed copy of our agreement.

  • I accept Paypal and Cashapp (US)
  • I do not accept mailed checks


  • We’ll have a Dropbox folder made specifically for your Website Design and SEO project. I’ll ask you to drop any images and inspiration that you may have for your Website Design and SEO into the Dropbox folder.


  • I’ll upload all of your content from the Website Design and SEO Dropbox folder onto the website. I’ll design the homepage and send you it for review before I start on any of the other pages. If you love how the homepage turns out, we’ll move on to the next pages!
  • You’ll have the chance to make multiple revisions on each page in order to make sure that everything is perfect for you. I’ll also ensure everything works perfectly in dark mode and on all types of devices and browsers.


  • During pre-launch I’ll set up your SEO, Pinterest pin, and Analytics. During all of the phases, you’ll have access to your site to ask for any final revisions.


  • It’s time to celebrate! You’ll get to hit the publish button to officially launch your website for the world to see!


  • After your website is completed, please give me feedback about your experience and submit a Google or Facebook review! Once your review is submitted, I’ll also give you a shout-out on my social media pages to help drive traffic to your new website!


  • To ensure that you get the most out of your Website Design and SEO, I will be available for support through the entire process, and well after the website has been completed!

Request Your Website Design and SEO Package

Please include the tier and price of your package.

If you know anyone that needs help with website design and SEO, please send them this page! I would love to help them out with their website design and SEO! I also include Analytics setup and Pinterest pin setup.


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